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Professor Tony Bernardo

EMAIL EXCHANGE WITH PROFESSOR TONY BERNARDO, INCLUDING REFERENCE TO FORWARDED COMMENTS BY PROFESSOR RICHARD ROLL. Professor Tony Bernardo’s comments are in black and green.  Mr. Hagopian’s comments are in blue and red.  Professor Richard Roll’s comments are in a forwarded … Continue reading

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KIP HAGOPIAN-JONATHAN CHAIT EMAIL EXCHANGE: On the day the article was published in Policy Review Jonathan Chait, columnist and editor of The New Republic, wrote a column in The New Republic challenging the article.  His column was entitled, “The Rich are Different: They’re Luckier”.  This is the link … Continue reading

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From Kip Hagopian: The following is an email exchange I had with David Frum, a friend who expressed certain objections to the notion of abandoning the progressive income tax.  David is a Republican, a commentator on CNN, and the author of a blog … Continue reading

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